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Our product ClassRoomE is a web based Operating System for schools bundled with very powerful applications such as WizQuiz, WizMail, WizBudget and revolutionary tools such as Health Monitor, Digital ID Card, WizTracker. The goal is to define a standard for software development for academic institutes much like Android or IOS for mobiles.


Mobile App

With fully-loaded smartphone applications for Android and iOS, ClassRoomE makes the learning process truly seamless.


The comprehensive financial suite of ClassRoomE, WizBudget is an accountant, an investment advisor and a financial facilitator rolled into one.


Calendar helps students keep track of assignments, assessments and projects. The interface is color coded to help young learners.


Notifications, results, and important alerts can be delivered instantaneously to students, guardians and faculty.


WizMail is ClassRoomE's own email client. It is exactly what students and teachers need to help them communicate so as to carry out academic activities.


WizQuiz is a powerful artificial intelligence based assessment tool.It ensures accurate feedback of students performance, also pinpoints the problem areas.


WizSnap will revolutionize assignment submission for students and grading for teachers by utilizing the powerful features of the smartphones today.


WizTrackr ensures toddlers and small kids are always safe. Geo Mapping is built to provide peace of mind to parents by helping them keep track of their wards at all times.


ClassRoomE attempts to bring ease and relief for the gruadians, with features such as comprehensive online payment of fees.

  • "Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man"

    Swami Vivekananda
  • "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower"

    Steve Jobs

ClassRoomE – The Components
"something for every body"

  • Quizzing Platform
  • Mail Platform
  • Lectures & Notes Online
  • Forum Online
  • WizAudit
  • WizAccount
  • Online Fees Payment
  • WizPlanning
Student Welfare
  • WizTracker
  • HealthMonitor
  • Digital Id Card
  • SOS button
  • Library Component
  • Mass Alerts
  • WizOrganiser
  • Performance Analytics

The first Operating System for schools - ClassRoomE

Clean Design
A vibrant, intuitive User Interface allowing easy access to all the WizApps.
Something for everyone
Secured portal bringing students, parents, teachers and administrators into a single transparent loop.
Making your smartphones smarter
ClassRoomE is available for your iPhones and Android enabled devices.

WizOrk is an effortlessly simple school management software with usable features.

Watch our simple Introduction video to get a clear view of our product. "Picture speaks louder than words"

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With fully-loaded smartphone applications for Android and iOS, ClassRoomE makes the learning process truly seamless.

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